Sligital | About
The exploration of light.

In my work I use the human form as both the subject and the canvas for the image.
I prefer to create my images in the camera rather than on the computer so basically what I see is what you get.
While I admire the wizards of image manipulation who can take a picture of a carrot and a teapot and turn it into a naked woman riding a giraffe, I lack both the skill and patience to do that kind of thing myself.
It was my general laziness and limited Photoshop skills that pushed me towards using slide projection as the basis of my work and the fact that it gave me an excuse to continue my sordid affair with film cameras was just a bonus.
While most of my work is digital, I’m still fascinated by the chemical memory of film. The idea that the little piece of celluloid was actually there at the time and place provides somehow a much deeper and more tangible connection to the subject, it’s like the difference between a hand written diary and the same word mechanically reproduced in a book.
My pictures are all about mixing light colours and textures, the sources for my projections are shot on 35mm film and are usually very boring everyday objects.
I am now quite used to the strange looks I get when stopping to take a picture of a section of empty pavement or a blank featureless wall.
For me the excitement and often disappointment, comes when I first try my new projection on the canvas. The unique and varied nature of human skin means that even if a projection doesn’t work at the first attempt I can always try it again with another canvas.

The exploration continues.